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Save Dark Angel!!! FOX canceled the show to make room for some corny cr*p called Firefly that they wasted so much money on, they figured they had to show it or else. They should just save their money for Dark Angel, and cut their losses by getting rid of Firefly now!

They also canceled Dark Angel because the ratings weren't good enough, but it was their own fault for moving it to Friday nights where scifi dramas don't do well. Well, guess what? Firefly is a scifi drama too, slated for that same Friday night slot. Guess how well it will do, especially considering how bad it looks (terrible production values) compared to Dark Angel's great effects (a la James Cameron).

There's also one more reason they chose Firefly instead of Dark Angel. Firefly's executive producer, Gail Berman, is an executive in charge of programming at FOX. Tell them should maybe fire her before she wastes any more of their money! At the very least, they should not have any employees who have personal interests in any specific TV shows. It is simply unethical when they choose a show because of these types of personal interests.

Sign the official petition at [ SAVE DARK ANGEL - WE WANT SEASON 3 ] and write lots of letters to let FOX know what you think. Also try signing these other petitions Boycott Fox: Bring Dark Angel Back!!!!, Renew Dark Angel for a Third Season, RENEW DARK ANGEL FOR THIRD SEASON, Save Dark Angel, and Stopping Dark Angel's Cancellation. Tell them that all of their upcoming new shows look terrible, will probably lose them many viewers, and die off soon. They should just save their money for Dark Angel. Tell them that they should move Dark Angel back to Tuesday nights when it had great ratings. Tell them that Dark Angel is a wonderful show that has touched many people of all ages. Also, tell them that it's stupid to cut off the show just when all of the merchandise (trading cards, soundtrack, video games, books, action figures, etc.) is starting to come out.

And make sure to boycott FOX until they bring Dark Angel back, if ever. Until then, they have nothing else good to watch anymore anyway.

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