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Sample Online Job Description

Assignment:Work with SmartGrrls Students Developing an Online Zine in Pagemaker 6.0 and .pdf

organization sponsoring this opportunity:
Austin, Texas

opportunity description
Layout and design for e-zine featuring work by, for, and about young adolescent girls. Compile student work and new submissions and organize content into an online magazine format with departments complete with a reader poll and registration update.

hours opportunity will take to complete
30 hours (5 - 10 hours a month)

weeks volunteer will have to complete this opportunity
three months

will this job involve work directly with clients rather than or in addition to staff or other volunteers?

volunteer skills\equipment needed
(a computer and regular access to the Internet are always a must):

Experience working with students in a volunteer or teaching setting; references will be requested. Graphic layout and design experience, experience with PageMaker 6.0 and PDF, excellent verbal and written communication skills, editing experience, clear understanding of SmartGrrls programs and mission, attention to detail, ability to communicate effectively/appropriately with adolescent girls, and commitment to deadlines.

This opportunity is totally virtual (volunteer doesn't have to be onsite at the org)

This opportunity has no expiration date (this opportunity is always available unless currently filled)

If you are interested in this opportunity, you will need to email us with:

(you have submitted some of this information -- email, phone number, skills--earlier to us, but it is helpful to have this in your email of interest as well, to expedite the matching of volunteers to assignments)

Feel free to add any additional information into this email, to demonstrate your interest and commitment to this assignment, and previous experience relating to this assignment.

You may be required to answer additional questions, go through an online or phone orientation, or submit samples of your work before you are given this virtual assignment.

We cannot guarantee that you will receive this online assignment; matching potential volunteers to tasks is at the discretion of the organization. Also, some assignments may be "full" by the time you contact the organization. In case you do not get an online assignment in which you expressed interest, check back to this site for another assignment, or, view this information on how to find virtual opportunities.

PLEASE do not start on this or any virtual opportunity until you have communicated with the organization and received permission to do so.

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