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Why do you want to volunteer with this Project?
  1. I would like to help people as much as I can, that is my love, it makes me feel like a better person, using the Internet to make the world a better place just made it easier for me, to find my interest

  2. I want to volunteer with Impact Online because this site is really helpful for many people. I know that there are many people that needs volunteering that they can do at home online, and I'm willing to help them as much as I can.

  3. I would like to utilize my interests and skills by assisting in the volunteer community. I believe volunteering makes adifference in all lives who participate.

  4. I would like to do some virtual volunteering because I would really like to do something involving the computer. I would like to volunteer particularly with this organization because it was the one that helped everyone else set up a virtual volunteering program.

  5. I had to quit my work as a disability rights attorney on account of a chronic illess, and am no longer able to contribute through my work.

    My illness restricts me to work that can be completed when my varying energy allows.

    Doing the work on-line would maximize the available time by saving time spent on travel.

  6. I want to help the community in some way a convenient way because of my tight schedule.

  7. Because I like to volunteer and help people, but its easier to do it online...

  8. I want to volunteer with Impact Online because I commit myself, using skills that I already have, to helping other people to find easier methods of volunteering.

  9. IOL has volunteering programs which are not available with some of the other organizations that i volunteer for. Besides, if i am selected as a volunteer for IOL this would be the first time i would be volunteering for an organization on another coast.

  10. I think I can benefit your organization in many ways.

  11. I want to become a volunteer because it sounds very fun and rewarding. I love helping people, and I'm very good at communicating with others. I'm not shy at all, especially on the internet. I think using the internet to help others is a great idea, and I would like to become involved in it very much. i am very good at committing to things. I feel I am very qualified to become a volunteer, and I can't wait to get started.

  12. I need to complete 150 hours of community service. I am a computer tech support specialist and studying for MCSE+I. I am at the computer all day at work and have time where I can surf the web, read, or work on web pages while I'm waiting for my next call. I'd like to volunteer for your project because I can use my professional skills while completeing the required community service.

  13. I would really like to volunteer this summer and I really like the Internet.

  14. I have been interested in volunteering my time to an organization for some time. I feel I have the skills that can benefit this project. I also feel that by becoming involved with this project, I will be exposed to others I may be interested in and could help.

  15. I am currently involved working for an NGO as IT support officer and spend a lot of time on line helping out in News Groups on HTML, Javascript, IT etc, I thus feel that my skills could be used productively for the benefit of those who need it. I am also a Christian.

  16. I want to volunteer with this project because I would like to gain practical experience with the computer aside from my personal use at home. Additionally, I am planning on majoring in Computer Science and Graphics design in college and believe that this volunteer project will be a great opportunity for me.

  17. I am interested in volunteering for a project that has the same sort of interest that i do.

  18. I'm interested in making a difference. When I've tried to volunteer in the past, many organizations are looking for a person to actually be in the office. The schedule I have with my career often makes it difficult to have a set "9-5" time to volunteer. I feel that Virtual Volunteering would offer the opportunity to make a difference, while allowing me to do the project(s) outside of standard business hours.

  19. I would like to help non-profit agencies solve technical problems to further their work.

  20. I want to volunteer online because I think it would be a new, interesting way to help people out. My schedule is pretty busy, so I thought this Project would be perfect for me to squeeze in some volunteering time. Also, I've always wanted to write for some kind of newspaper or newsletter, so I'd love to do that (for free) for Impact.

  21. A trip planned for the middle of summer complicates a work schedule, but I would like to contribute in a meaningful way in what time I do have.
    I feel that the Virtual Volunteering Project is a great way to do this. I am a business major with a strong interest in marketing, and I think the Project's needs are on target with what my interests are and what I can provide.

  22. I am fascinated by the prospect of virtual volunteering, the future prospects it brings to the feild of volunteering.

  23. Everyday I'm online checking my email, book marking interesting sites on various subjects, and exploring ways of doing business on the Internet.

    I'm particularly interested in developing my skills in online research, developing web pages, writing and reviewing articles and books on public speaking, internet marketing, shopping centre management and marketing, and health related topics.

  24. I recently received my Master's degree in International Relations. My interest in this field deals with human rights and conflict mediation. I prefer this field of interest as I believe we should work to leave this world a better place for our children and grandchildren. I truly possess a desire to help people and make a difference.

  25. opportunity to commit time to worthwhile cause;
    tremendous enthusiasm for learning all things web-related;
    interest and current involvement in systems and database design;
    corporate intranet involvement (design, maintenance etc.)

  26. I have enjoyed volunteer work that I've done in the past. Scheduling conflicts and time constraints make it difficult for me to pursue traditional volunteerism. However, I think online volunteerism might work for me. I'd like to try it out.

  27. I really want to help out, and I have many interrests, but I never found an "easy" way to do it. I believe I have the computer skills and determination to help many organizations.

  28. I am interested in this Project because I feel that it will give me an opportunity to help others at a rather flexible schedule. I do spend quite a bit of time online so I am ready and capable of volunteering. This project might even help me better my communication skills.

  29. I enjoy helping people in any way I can.

  30. I ahve been working as a volunteer for years, but right now I cannot fit any volunteer activity in my schedule, therefore I want to do it on-line.

  31. I enjoy volunteering with agencies that need help and don't have the $ to pay for it.

  32. Would like to be of service to the people and to the community

  33. i want to learn what kind of atmosphere(s) i work best in, meet new people, discover my talents, and experience new opportunities.

  34. Give back something to the community. Work at home from my computer.

  35. I would like to help out in a community project, and devote my spare time to a worthy cause.

  36. I enjoy working with non-profit agencies (see and the work helps me keep my skills current

  37. I have volunteered onsite for 2 years now, and am interested in applying my skills to online volunteering. I also want to contribute my skills to organizations that have a positive impact on my community - women, children, seniors, disabled, etc. I also hope to learn new skills.

  38. I've always felt it's important to give of yourself, but I've had a hard time finding the right opportunity. Lots of places I've called haven't even called back (in months). I'd like to get involved on a regular basis with an organization/person/group that has expressed a need for help.

  39. I want to do more work "for others" and I would like to do things I feel I have more interest in these days, like Law or Database management.

  40. To be able to help someone, bring something new and exicting to an elderly person, or someone who is unable to get out much.
    Be able to reserach on a topic I may not know much about, and therefore increase my knowledge.

  41. I'm at a popint in my life where I want to do something worthwhile with my time. My children are in college and notlilving at home and my job is just a job.
    I had volunteered when my kids were in school and found working with the kids and helping them fulfill goals & dreams brought me great pleasure.
    I want that again.

  42. I currently only work a few hours a week due to medical conditions that priohibit me from working full time. I volunteer for the Big Sisters of RI in Newport County and truly enjoy it. I am unable to have children due to numerous medications I take daily. I have a college degree in Elementary Education/Math/Psych and love research and working for the "underdog". I am also on the internet daily. The premise of this program seems to be something I would enjoy being a part of. I am truly dedicated to helping children who need it. I look forward to hearing from you with my first assignment.

  43. I have both a history of volunteerism and some knowledge of web design, but I haven't used both together.

  44. I like to help people and have always wanted to volunteer for something but never had enough time to travel to any onsite locations. (I've just done some afterschool things in high school.) As a commuting college student who doesn't bring her heavy books to class I end up with a lot of time between classes with nothing to do but vegetate in a computer lab. I would like to do something useful with that time.

  45. I want to volunteer because I enjoy helping people, and I enjoy working with computers. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to use both those intersts.

  46. I'm heavily involved with activities in my community, and I'd love to be more involved.

  47. Hopefully I'll be able to help someone by volunteering here. That's the main reason that I'm doing the -job- I am. However, as a member of the Washington Service Corps, I am required to do some volunteering. This way I can make sure that I volunteer and that I still have time for school and work.

  48. To help others in any way I can

  49. I like the the community work being performed by Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation(MEAF) I am an employee of MEAF and would like to to help for success of such an innovative project of Internet based volunteering.

  50. I have always wanted to volunteer. This interested me because of the virtual volunteering option as I might have found volunteering onsite more difficult to manage.

  51. In my current situation, Virtual Volunteering seems particularly attractive to me. I've recently graduated from a Community College with an Associate Degree in Computer Science. While temporarily unable to launch a full-time career, I am eager to use my up-to-date skills in computer related assignments. This Project gives me a great opportunity to use and develop my skills.

  52. Gain some experience from volunteering virtually.

  53. I am very interested in different and exiting uses of computers and the internet. I have experience in general computing, web design, graphic arts, programming, and writing. I am a full time student at the University of South Florida majoring in Computer Science. I do not have a car at this time, which makes it difficult to volunteer, thus virtual volunteering would be perfect for my interests and availability.

  54. I am very interested in volunteering to help the community and enjoy developing web pages. Volunteering virtually is an excellent way to develop more skills in developing web pages and continue my support in the community.

  55. I want to have this background behind me for further jobs. I want the experience this can give me.

  56. With an internet connection at home,I want to do more than just surfing. I can do something new and rewarding too!

  57. I eventually want to do more to make an impact on children about education and taking the opportunities offered. As a start I will help in a vitual way.

  58. I like working with the computer. It's easier this way too, for me. I don't have to go from place to place. And it wouldn't have to mess up my schedule or anyone else's (people that has to drive me around). Also, I'm in need of Community Service hours.

  59. I have two daughters that are teenagers and as they need my supervision more now, I have a void during the day and late evening that i'd like to give of myself to help someone that might need me.

  60. It seems interesting and I would like to help others. I am good with computers and I would like to apply my knowledge to help others.

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