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How many hours a month would you like to volunteer with this Project?
  1. 8-10, maybe more depending on the work, and my pending responsibilities
  2. 30hours
  3. 10-15
  4. 25-40 hrs. a month.
  5. I can't project this. I can only respond at a particular time to a project of specified length and duration.
  6. 5-8
  7. Depends really...
  8. 10-15
  9. 30-40 hrs
  10. 20
  11. I would like to volunteer anywhere between 30and 50 hours a month. However, if more hours are needed, I'm willing to work overtime.
  12. I would like to offer 150 hours.
  13. 30+
  14. approx. 20, but is negotiable
  15. as much as available, over the summer probably about 20+ a week, this would be reduced to about 10 a week from Sept. Although I am quite happy to work over that if my schedule permits
  16. I would like to volunteer as much time necessary for me to complete a certain project. However, I will be attending six hours of school Monday through Friday during the summer, and approximately seven hours a day Monday through Friday during the school year.
  17. There is no set number of hours for me, i am very flexible.
  18. I'm flexible. 20-40 is probably a good place to start. I would need to get a feel for the workflow.
  19. 8
  20. Eight hours a month would be ideal, but I'm willing to work twelve.
  21. During the summer I would be able to devote up to 150 hours a month and at least 100 hours a month.
  22. 10-15
  23. 5 hours
  24. As the assignment calls for. 10-15 would be easy to do. 30 would not be unreasonable. More is possible depending on the assignment and other constraints on my time.
  25. at least 10
  26. 10, to start out
  27. About 20 or 30
  28. 10-15 hours.
  29. I work from 12pm to 9pm edt so I have the morning and night time to do the work.
  30. Initially 16 hours
  31. 10
  32. 16
  33. around 250
  34. 15 per week
  35. 30 min. to 1 hr. per day is very realistic for me.
  36. 15-20
  37. 40 hours
  38. 5-7
  39. 10-30
  40. I can commit to 5 hours a week. About 20 hrs a month.
  41. 20 hours a month and if I am able, I'll be happy to give more time.
  42. This is open for discussion. As I said I only work a few hours a week. If I volunteer 3-4 hours a week, it would be OK with me, however, if you have something that would take more time and I believe I can accomplish it I would be able to spend many more hours (the only thing that would really prohibit/dictate the number of hours would be if my computer went down for some reason in which case i would like a phone number I could call to inform someone of this.
  43. 15
  44. Around 15 hrs
  45. I could start out with about 10 hours a month.
  46. 20
  47. 5-6
  48. 30 to 40 hours a month. More if needed
  49. 15-20 hrs
  50. 10
  51. 60-70
  52. 20
  53. 8 hours or slightly more while I am in school, during breaks I would like to volunteer more hours.
  54. 30 hours
  55. At LEAST 30
  56. 10 to 15 hours
  57. 20 hours a month to start
  58. 20-30 hours
  59. I can volunteer a few hours a day. daytime and evening.
  60. 8-12

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