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What sort of activities have you done as a volunteer, on or offline?
  1. Mostly, recreation, bingo, BBQ's, group meetings, wheel-chair bowling, outings, playing videos and music, playing games

  2. candy sale


  4. -clerical (filing, typing, etc.) work
    -selling red ribbons
    -handing out pamphlets

  5. Prepare a petition requesting a federal agency to adopt a new policy.

  6. small programs such as food drives, clothing drives etc... locally

  7. Office work

  8. The activities that I did as a volunteer for the political service I did:
    1. Stuffing flyers/pamphlets
    2. attending parties
    As well as community service I did with my school (Montclair Kimberly Academy):
    Community Food Bank (5 Hours - Regular Volunteer)

  9. At the James Cancer Center, Columbus, OH i used to volunteer at the Library specifically for patients and their relatives, who were interested in gaining additional health related information.

    At the Partnership in Healthy Aging, Institute for Aging, Upenn, i maintain patient databases adn patient membership directory.

    LibertyNet, is a non-profit organization which maintains web pages for different orgs in and around PA. Currently i am assiting them in setting up a web page for Pennsylvania Performing Arts on Tour (Penn PAT).

    MOSAIC, is a Asian American Arts magazine on the Penn campus, and i serve as a copy editor for the magazine.

  10. organize volunteers and records

  11. Like I said before, I've done Shantytown for Habitat for Humanity. For Girl Scouts I have helped serve meals to the poor at a local kitchen. We baked and packaged Christmas cookies for another local kitchen. We held a baby-sitting clinic for a day. We are also planning an exhibit at the local library to inform children about the sola system and the stars. I'll volunteer for just about anything.



  14. None. However, my professional activities can benefit this project.

  15. IT Support
    Internet Support and dev.
    Care work for handicapped
    Youth work

  16. At the Preschool, I was a teachers' aide in which I helped supervise children, help them with projects, and occassionally read to them once in a while. At my parish, I am currently undergoing training to be a Catechist's Aide in which I will assist teachers during Confirmation classes for teenagers.



  19. I am developing a web site and do all their desktop publishing.

  20. I have given museum tours at our local museum. In the hospital, I have transported patients, distributed food in the hospital, taken things to and from the hospital laboratory, and guided hospital visitors to the proper location. I have also run errands for nurses such as making copies, delivering mail, cleaning baby cribs, and stocked supply rooms.

  21. I've helped at marathons, bike tours
    beach cleanups
    various fundraisers
    working with 6th graders in science class
    I constructed a better walkway in a local public garden to ease the passageway for the elderly and handicapped.

  22. Board Member, Committee Chair, fund raising, research (on-line), granting wishes

  23. Leading and motivating a Toastmasters Club as President.

    Being the Chairman of my company's Staff Welfare Committee, and organising various activities to promote employee welfare.

  24. Girl Scout Assistant Leader of a Junior Troop.
    directed badge activities
    planned meetings and field trips
    some financial work

  25. N/A

  26. sorted and packed food into boxes

  27. For a few Easters, my class in church visited a hospital and gave them homemade Easter cards. When I was in Middle School, I was involved in a singing/dancing group called Show Choir. We performed for at least 3 nursing homes around Christmas-time during my 3 years at the school. I also visited elementary schools and performed with the High School Band for the past 3 years. We also play in many parades and are known as "The Pride of Port Chester". (We were the only band from New York in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade this year, and were also in the remake of Miracle on 34th Street.)

  28. At the hospital, I am a junior volunteer. I served in the nursing dept talking to the patients and getting them water when needed. I also helped out at the Info desk and Accounting Dept. At Agnews, we helped escort the people to a little festival set up for them. We were the caretakers for those people for that one day. At the Chinese Summer Festival, I helped out at the Children's Hands-On Crafts, encouraging and teaching little kids to try new things.

  29. database work and mail sorting with the computer museum.

  30. I wrote articles to the newsletter and gave speeches encouraging people and making them feel better

  31. Public awareness
    Community support activities
    Aid to the aged and ill
    Donations of goods & services
    Craft/Fund Raiser activities

  32. VITA - Overseas volunteer educational consultant
    SCORE - Small Business Adviser (also Cyber Counselor) National Director for Membership and Training
    AARP - State Training Coordinator
    FEMA-NDER - Emergency Planning

  33. i volunteered at a hospital last summer for a month, two days a week. i was kinda like a candy-striper, giving people messages and flowers and stuff.

  34. None
  35. I answered the questions of many people regarding web page design in a chat room.

  36. Computer support, photographer, web site design

  37. Telephone interviews, research, word processing, data entry, computer instruction, reception, general office duties, all on site.


  39. Sorting applications, computer support and physical labor.

  40. Hospic-help manage the Farmers Market, answering questions, taking in money, selling t-shirts, etc.
    Make-A-Wish-started as a volunteer, now work in the office. Interview families, coordinate family trips.
    Ronald McDonald House-week-end manager

  41. Chaperone dances, band events & out-of-state trips
    Library & computer work
    Making crafts & doing special projects for Kids with Cancer at a local hospital
    Beautify school grounds
    Tooks groups of young girls camping and on various other outings

  42. I have actually worked with the handicapped. I have and am maintaining a relationship with a young girl in need of guidance through Big Sisters. I spent about 5 hours a week reading to and transporting an older blind lady to her appointments and on her errands. I have also done babysitting and tutoring for children on a volunteer basis.

  43. construction
    snow shoveling
    youth leader

  44. Tutoring and Office helper

  45. I worked with terminally ill clients, and did some office work.

  46. I've designed flyers and brochures, written newspaper articles, run meetings, collected money, and other various filing duties.

  47. With EHTS: Set construction, costume organization and aquirement, performance, ticket selling, clean up.
    Big Sister: Helped with homework, provided a role model, a lot of listening.

  48. I have Fixed peoples houses, served soup, cooked at the soup kitchen, walked for the kids, etc...

  49. Reading, Computer Operations for blind students
    Organizing events such as speking forums, poetry reading and community fairs.
    Event logistics.


  51. As a general Staff Help, I had an opportunity to employ my social skills, to help Centre's residents in their everyday activities.


  53. At the Museum Of Science and Industry I was a member of the team in charge of the Butterfly and Water Reclamation Exhibit. My duties included teaching visitors about the exhibit, researching and studying Butterflies, Exhibit design and maintance. In Civinettes, a service club, I organized activities such as book drives, assisted in meetings, and assisted in public relations.

  54. I have painted buildings, helped organize and worked at a party for students at Wilmer hall, and also done community clean-ups.


  56. Camp coordinator, field research assistant.

  57. I have helped people that are friends to learn the internet and computer or their children.

  58. offline: wrap presents, serve meals, & setting up.

  59. This is something that is new to me

  60. recycled, donated food, tutored

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