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Writer's Links

This is my little bunch of writers' links. After all, what is a writer without resources?

Bookwire Home A really good place to find anything to do with books.

Bookwire's list of publishers

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America A nice place to find stuff dealing with science fiction and fantasy.

National Library of Poetry You can enter their annual poetry contest online.

Book Talk "All the buzz about books" and "the Publishers' Insider page."

The Write Page Information any writer would need.

Writer Resources

WWW Virtual Library Useful information on many different topics.

Inklings A FREE writers' newsletter with lots of useful information such as current market news and writing tips.

Internet Directory to Literary Agents


SFF's Craft of Writing

Hermit's links to e-zines


Mary Soon Lee's Speculative Fiction Page

My list of Markets which currently accept e-mail submissions or queries. Last updated: 11/13/96

Baen Books



Dubious Matter

The Dragon's Lair



The Fractal

Dream Forge

Mind's Eyes Fiction

Night Terrors