Richard Dean Anderson Fan Fiction Sources

Last Updated December 18, 2003
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Table of Contents

A) Introduction and Notes
B) MacGyver Websites
C) Stargate SG-1 Websites
D) Legend and Other Websites
E) Stargate SG-1 Mailing Lists
F) Other Mailing Lists with RDA Fan Fiction
G) Fanzines
H) FYI (For Your Information)

A) Introduction and Notes (Please read!)

I haven't had time to update this page in a while. This is absolutely the last update I'm doing; just stuff that has been submitted, so there may still be broken links. If anyone else would like to take over this page, please just go ahead and put it up somewhere else. Also, please do not write to anymore; I'm abandoning it because of too much spam. Thanks!

Compiled here are listings of where you can find MacGyver, Stargate SG-1, Legend, and other Richard Dean Anderson-related fan fiction. This list is not yet comprehensive. For example, I know that there are jokes, top ten lists, drinking games, and other fanfic sources that can be listed here.

Thank you so much to the people who already sent me information!


1) Age ratings included for completely adult-only sources. Some stuff on the other sites may also be adult-only.

2) Some websites have announcement lists for update notices. Age ratings for the announcement lists are included here, but those ratings might not be apply to the related websites.

3) Websites are ordered with adult-only sites at the end, personal homepages in the middle, and fiction archive sites on top. Mailing lists are also ordered with adult-only on the bottom.

4) Don't send mail to the mailing lists unless you're subscribed to the particular list (and it's not an announcement list). If you're unfamiliar with the yahoogroups system, then read Section H below. For more information and disclaimers, see Section H.

5) For the fanzines, the URL provided is where you can get more information on ordering them.

B) MacGyver Websites

  1. The MacGyver Homepage - Fan Fiction

  2. MacGyver Virtual Seasons Website
    MacGyver Virtual Seasons is a lot of fanfic "episodes" organized as new virtual "seasons."

  3. MacGyver Fanfiction Website

  4. Richard Dean Anderson Page - MacGyver Fan Fiction

  5. MacGyver & Murdoc Fanfiction Page

  6. T'n'T's MacGyver Top Ten Lists

  7. WonderfulWorldofMakeBelieve MacGyver Fiction

  8. R.D.A. Homepage- Fan Fiction

  9. Becky Schie's Fan Fiction Page

  10. Courtney Sloan's Fan Fiction

  11. Elisa P. Black's Fan Fiction

  12. What a mess by Judith

  13. A Walk in the Park by Lori (an SG-1/MacGyver crossover story)

  14. MacGyver vs. Dr. T (I'm not sure this person likes MacGyver...VIOLENT)

  15. Fish Food by Kelly Siegfried

  16. Diva's Other Stories - MacGyver

  17. MacGyver Slash Home Page - (ADULTS ONLY!)

C) Stargate SG-1 Websites

  1. Heliopolis: The Stargate Sg-1 Fan Fiction Archive - Announcements of updates (Safe for Kids)

  2. Stargate: SG-1 Fan Website - Fan Fiction

  3. JackFic

  4. The Sam & Jack Relationship Archive

  5. Stargate Fanfic Page

  6. Abydos The Planet of SG-1

  7. The Place of Our Legacy

  8. WonderfulWorldofMakeBelieve Stargate SG-1 General Fiction

  9. Belle's Fan Fiction Archive (mostly Danny Whumping)

  10. Krzysztof's Stargate SG-1 Website - Fan Fiction

  11. Amanda Tapping - Fanfiction

  12. Nevyn's Fan Fiction Archive

  13. Megan's Freezing Page

  14. Maria Guyan's Stargate SG-1 Fan Fiction

  15. Teresa D's Stargate SG-1 Fan Fiction

  16. Fiction Section of Sheshat's Library

  17. Scout's Book of Gates - SG-1 fanfic (Also in German and Polish?) - Announcements of updates (Over 13)

  18. SgDiva's Fan Fiction Library
    Diva's Stargate SG-1 Showcase
    Diva's Stargate Sg-1 Library

  19. OXBastetXO's DHD

  20. Daniel's Diaries (Scribe's site)

  21. P4x499 (Rauhnee Ranshanka's Stargate SG-1 FanFic site) - Announcements of updates (Over 13)

  22. The Complete Kingdom of Slash - Stargate SG-1 Page - (ADULTS ONLY!)

  23. Jack & Daniel Story Archive - (ADULTS ONLY!)

  24. WonderfulWorldofMakeBelieve Stargate SG-1 Slash Fiction - (ADULTS ONLY!)

  25. Area 52: The HKH Standard (The Stargate Slash FanFic Archive) - (ADULTS ONLY!) - Announcements of updates (Over 13)

D) Legend and Other Websites

  1. Legend Fanfic (Susanne Schwager)

  2. A TeddyBlaiR'S Place (Legend & Through the Eyes of a Killer)

E) Stargate SG-1 Mailing Lists with Fan Fiction

F) Other Mailing Lists with RDA Fan Fiction

  1. MacGyver Mailing List
    Discussion and fan fiction on anything about Richard Dean Anderson (and related stuff)
    To subscribe send an email to with "subscribe macgyver" in the message body (without the quotes).

  2. - (OVER 17)
    Discussion and fan fiction on anything about Richard Dean Anderson (and related stuff)
    Archives available to subscribers

  3. - (OVER 17)
    Discussion and fan fiction of Stargate SG-1, MacGyver, and Richard Dean Anderson
    Archives available to subscribers

  4. - (OVER 21)
    Slash fan fiction for MacGyver, Legend and StarGate SG-1
    Archives not available

G) Fanzines

  1. New Beginnings and Transitions
    Novellas by Jane Freitag

  2. Now Departing on Gate #...
    General Stargate SG-1 fan fiction

  3. Celestial Toybox
    Multimedia fanzine that often publishes MacGyver stories

  4. Criterion Press
    Publishes some Stargate SG-1 fiction

  5. Rules Are Meant To Be... - (ADULTS ONLY!)
    MacGyver and Murdoc slash fan fiction

H) FYI (For Your Information)

  1. About yahoogroups

    Many of the mailing lists are hosted on the yahoogroups system. "Availability of archives" in the listings above refers to whether or not list messages are archived on the web. Archives can be available to the public or to subscribers only, or they can be made completely unavailable. Check the yahoogroups site at for more information on archives.

    To subscribe to a yahoogroups list:

    - On the Web: Go to and get yourself registered. You can then do a search for a list and subscribe to it by clicking the appropriate links.

    - By Email: Send a blank email to:


    Replace <Listname> with the name of the list (what the listings here say before the ""). For example, say you wanted to subscribe to (listed above in E-I-b-3). You would send a blank email to:

    You will probably get a subscription confirmation message. Read it carefully and follow any instructions it has.

  2. Updates and Availability of This Compilation

    This compilation may be posted to the MacGyver Mailing List whenever a lot of changes have been made and if a lot of people really want it. This HTML version is posted on the MacGyver Virtual Seasons Website at and also on my own site at I will no longer update this, if anyone else does so, they will have a new version elsewhere.

    I won't crosspost this to other mailing lists because it seems to me that a lot of Maclist people are also on the other lists. Other list owners who want it posted can feel free to do so.

  3. Thanks go to the people who contributed to this list:

    • Hoodat Whatzit
    • Lorlita
    • Rachael DeWitt
    • Susanne Schwager

  4. Disclaimer (for people who don't co-exist peacefully with fanfic - just in case)

    I'm only doing this for whoever might find it useful. I'm not associated with most of the stuff here otherwise. Most of the characters, background stories, and so on in the fiction are copyrighted by Paramount Pictures Television, Winkler/Rich Productions, Gekko Film Corporation and other PTB. The fiction itself and other elements are copyrighted by the respective authors and should not be distributed or archived without the respective authors' permission.

  5. Contact Information

    I will no longer update this, if anyone else does so, please contact them.