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Elisa P. Black's Fan Fiction Page
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The HTML version the Richard Dean Anderson Fan Fiction Sources list is up! It's a list of websites and mailing lists where you can get MacGyver, Legend, Stargate SG-1, etc. fan fiction.

There's some great music CD's you should check out; it's the perfect music to write to:
Forever Knight TV Soundtrack
More Music From Forever Knight (New!)
The X-Files TV Score
The X-Files: Fight the Future Movie Score

Most of the fanfic is Forever Knight although there are some crossovers. I'm planning to do more on MacGyver and possibly even The X-Files, Lois and Clark, and Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine sometime. I'm also involved in the MacGyver Virtual Seasons (MacVS) or use the mirror site here. Mac is Back! All new virtual episodes of MacGyver!

Read my Forever Knight-only Fanfic Here.

Read my Other Fanfic Here (Xovers, MacGyver, etc.).

Current Fanfic below.

Timeless - (Forever Knight and X-Files) When a string of exsanguination murders hits Toronto, Mulder and Scully come to investigate. Nick and Nat must keep them from exposing the Community. (148 K)

Or get it in separate parts:
Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6 , Part 7 , Part 8a , Part 8b , Part 9a , Part 9b , Part 10 , Part 11 , Part 12 , Part 13a , Part 13b , Part 14 , Part 15 , Part 16 , Part 17 , Part 18 , Part 19 , Part 20 , Part 21a , Part 21b , Part 22 , Part 23 , Part 24 , Part 25 , Part 26 , Part 27

Visit the MacGyver Virtual Seasons. Mac is Back!