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How would you like to help this Project as a volunteer?
  1. I would like to be a Virtual Volunteer and participate in any type of "Direct Contact."

  2. I want to help do researches online to gather informations. I speak 2 languages, Japanese and English, and if I can I want to use this skill to help Impact Online.

  3. I would like to write articles for your Web site or any other newsletter you may have, including editing copy.

  4. I would like to help by making web pages, getting on-line information, write articles and anything else that you would want me to do.

  5. I have limited HTML skills (see a page I did for my Mom at [URL DELETED]), and would like to help with web page development if my skill is up to it.

    If it can be done by email or on-line, I could use my organization skills to help non-profits develop volunteering projects.

  6. Anything

  7. Well, I can make websites, newsletter, flyers....

  8. I would like to help Impact Online as a volunteer with creating and maintaining web pages, in addition

  9. Would be willing to assist in training programs and also maintain web sites, provide help in programming etc.

  10. web site work and other as needed

  11. I think talking to the disabled online interests me most. However, I'm willing to do anything and am up for any challenge. You give me a job and I'll complete the task.

  12. What are your online needs?

  13. I would like to do online research.

  14. Assist with the online marketing of the site/project. As an online marketer, I feel I possess the skills and experience necessary to fulfill this type of role.

  15. General IT Helpdesk, Web design and support, other IT related areas considered

  16. I would like to help the Project in many ways. I am willing to conduct research on the net, build a webpage, or do anything in which I would be giving my services in a practical way.

  17. I would like to do my part in helping your orginization in developing web pages and conducting online research.

  18. I have web design experience, but I do not have the ability to design graphics at home. With the web, areas I've worked in: designing/layout pages, developing web content, researching markets and lists.

    Outside of the web, my marketing and management experience might be helpful in managing projects/production, helping develop marketing copy. Also have experience in publicity.

  19. I can help agencies or students with technical questions about computer usage, networking issues, and web site design.

  20. I would enjoy writing articles for Impact, or doing research. I am completely open to learning new computer skills also, so I would love to do anything Impact needs me to do, as long as Impact tells me what and how to do it. However, I understand that this might not be possible, so I'm ready to write articles without too much instruction. I write as a hobby, so this would be an enjoyable job for me.

  21. I would like to help by researching online or writing articles. I have had frequent and extensive use of the internet to research school projects as well as a project during my last summer job. I would also be able to create webpages (see my homepage), although I have less experience doing so.

  22. On-line research or possibly on-line mentoring (Windows 95, basic computer tech support), or one-one mentoring (with a grieving adult)

  23. online research
    create web pages
    write and review articles

  24. By conducting assigned research to answer questions or locate needed information.

  25. involvement in the development / testing and implementation of the beta testing database project

  26. My primary interests include web page development, e-text preparation (like what Project Gutenberg does), and custom software development. I would rather *not* be responsible for management or coordination of the efforts of other individuals. I would prefer one-shot, short term projects rather than something ongoing and repetitive.

  27. As I mentioned above, I would like to help children. Maybe even mentor others on how to build a website. Or I can build a website for a small business. I can also help individuals or businesses find the people/information they are looking for.

  28. I would hope to contribute many hours to a worthy organization. I am interested in helping conduct online research as well as writing articles for the Website. I plan to major in journalism in the future and I believe with more opportunities like writing for another website (i already write for a webzine) will better my skills.

  29. I would like to volunteer in any way online with the computer, because I have a full time job during the day.

  30. - Providing on-line customer assistance
    - Doing research on the Internet
    - Writing articles and essays about specific topics
    - Establishing an electronic network to circulate information among people
    - Managing projects

  31. I can be very flexible. I wuill do research, email, word processing, data base info, anything on the computer.

  32. I would like to give advice on starting and running a small business

  33. by doing whatever needs to be done to help the world be a better place.

  34. I have 5 years experience in computer programming and networking. I can design web-pages in Java and HTML. I am willing to learn if required. I do not have any volunteering experiennce, but I deeply ( self ) motivated in voluteering. I am willing to accept any kind of virtual voluteering work.

  35. I can program in javascript for attractive effects on web pages. I am also very experienced in HTML 4, the programming language of web pages, and I can design and produce internet sites for specific divisions.

  36. anything web based, especially HTML, JavaScript, Java, Perl, web page design, graphic design

  37. Research, data entry, word processing, virtual support for seniors, disabled, online instruction.

  38. I have a graphic design background and would be willing to do what I can in that area (though I have limited resources at my disposal as far as software). I'm more interested in mentoring/tutoring and providing support.

  39. I believe I am a good researcher and pretty quick with collecting information or placing it within an organized system, such as a database or another data processing method. I don't know how else quite yet, but I would not mind doing many different things. I have experience writing and editing (not significant, but a year and a 1/2), working as a manager in three different positions, administrative work throughout college, help desk and software testing experience, a little bit of web development and I speak Korean relatively well.

  40. 1. To communicate with a home-bound person, from a different state.
    2. Do research.

  41. I have a home computer with Internet access and would like to design or update Web sites. I can also do Web surfing to find infomation for whatever group needs help. While my kids were in the high school marching band I was the fundraising chairperson and helped raise a considerable amount of money for 3 out-of-state band trips.

  42. I would be open to any thing involving research on the web that I can accomplish at my own pace during a given time period. I would also be open to any "position", at least, to hear about it and make up my mind whether I would enjoy being a part of it.

  43. I would like to volunteer to help with web design for charities that need such help.

  44. Any website development or online research would be fine.

  45. I would like to communicate with others by computer. I would like to e-mail people, and /or conduct surveys.

  46. In anyway possible that I can handle from, with about 5 hours per week of work. I type and write well, so that's a plus area for me.

  47. I'm most comfortable doing things like HTML and writing, however I'm willing to do anything that needs to be done. Organizing and planning are things that I'm working on now, and perhaps I can use those skills as well.

  48. In any way I can.

  49. I have a good technical (computer sciece) and communication skills which I can utilize easily in this net based volunteering project. I also very particular about organization of things in personal and professional life which can be useful too. I would also be intereseted in research and writing related projects.

  50. I have been a software programmer for over 8 years and would like to use my skills in that area, specifically web related areas, in helping the people/agencies that can use some of those skills. Being a virtual help system, I think would involve tasks that need such skills.

  51. I am ready to fulfill assignments requiring math/computer science/foreign language knowledge. Using my PC, communicating via the Internet, I would be able to conduct research, gather information, support language instructors (as a former ESL student) etc.


  53. I am fluent in Spanish and English and would be willing to translate materials and content. I am also interested in researching and/or writing articles, I have experience running a topic at I have experience designing web pages, and cgi forms and scripts and would be interested in assisting in web page and form creation. I also have experience in graphics arts (Adobe Photoshop , Illustrator, and Fractal Painter)

  54. I would like to design and develop web sites for organizations that need web sites.

  55. I would like to help in any way that I can be of help. I am training for Web Design, so anything in that area is of great interest to me. I am proud of my work and would like to work with your project. I LOVE to design and I think I could be an asset to you.

  56. Apply my computer and writing skills, if required.

  57. Education for children
    Educate children and their parents about the computer and the internet as an avenue that opens the world to them.

  58. Well, I'd like to help any way I can. I had a homepage of my own for a year, so I can help out with the webpages and the graphic designs. I can do research and write articles for the webpages. I've been taking Spanish for 3 years now, so I can help with some translations (Not too complicated ones, that is).

  59. To be able to reach out and touch someones life that might somehow not be able to get somewhere to get what they need. I love talking and communicating with people, wether in person on the phone or via the internet.

  60. I would like to help people with the internet (HTML, web design, search engines, etc.), or any other general computer areas (word processing, excel, graphics...)

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