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For what other organizations have you been a volunteer, on or offline?
  1. I have volunteered at the Bronx Veterans Affairs Medical Complex, in the Nursing home.

  2. None. But I am in a club at school Interact Club where we go our and do community services.

  3. I have tutored and continue to tutor in elementary schools. I teach children with learning disabilities how to read.

  4. I have worked with Toronto General Hospital, AIDS society, and Lung Cancer Society.

  5. American Association of Oriental Medicine.
    Literacy Council

  6. none at the moment

  7. The American Cancer Society, Meals on Wheels, The Red Cross

  8. This will be my first experience volunteering for an actual volunteer (non-political) service. My previous experience in volunteering was with the Governor Whitman/Rose Heck/Guy Talarico/Bob Kosco campaign in Bergen County, New Jersey.

  9. James Cancer Research Hospital, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH (OFFLINE)
    Partnership in Healthy Aging, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia,PA (ONLINE)
    LibertyNEt, Philadelphia, PA (ONLINE)
    MOSAIC, Penn's Asian American Literary Arts Magazine.
    > Currently, i am undergoing training to serve as a web guide for the Mining Company (ONLINE)

  10. STANDUp for KIDS!

  11. I have been in Girl Scouts since kindergarten. We do service projects a lot. I also do Shantytown with Habitat for Humanity every year with my church. I plan to sign up with a few other organizations online. I love volunteering.



  14. None. I would like this to be the first.

  15. European Foundation Centre
    Fundersonline Project
    Many Christian based groups
    Several Handicapped Charities

  16. I am currently a volunteer at the Rehabilitation Institute of Southern California in Orange, California. I am currently undergoing training the be a volunteer at my local parish.

  17. none

  18. I have not had the opportunity to volunteer in the past.

  19. My local parish church.

  20. I've worked at the town's Courthouse, which is basically a historical museum. I've given museum tours there during the summer of my eighth grade year. During ninth grade, I continued my volunteering experience at the local private hospital, Mercy Hospital. I work both at the volunteer desk and directly with the patients on the OB floor.

  21. KEY Club (Kiwanis Educating Youth)
    School German Club
    School Drill Team

  22. Red Cross
    American Cancer
    Office of Aging

  23. Toastmasters Club

  24. Girl Scouts of the United States of America

  25. N/A

  26. Second Harvest Food Bank, Nashville, TN

  27. I have never been in an organization online, but I was involved in volunteer opportunities at my church, and also though some school activites.I have never been in an organization online, but I was involved in volunteer opportunities at my church, and also though some school activites.

  28. Alexian Brothers Hospital,
    Agnews Developmental Center,
    American Cancer Society,
    Chinese Summer Festival,
    etc. etc.

  29. I have volunteer for the computer museum in Boston and I worked for Julie Rackliffe. She can be reach at ADDRESS DELETED

  30. Helping People Organization (in Brazil)

  31. CT Junior Women
    Local Board of Education
    Local Schools

    Online SCORE, AARP,


  34. None

  35. I have not really volunteered for a major organization in the past. Hopefully this can be my first of many future projects. I did however volunteer time to Geocities to help people with problems regarding their web pages.

  36. The Children's Association for Maximum Potential, Jackson-Keller Elementary School

  37. People's Emergency Center, VIP (Volunteers for the Indigent Program),Southern Home Services, WOAR (Women Organized Against Rape) - all located in Philadelphia, PA. I volunteered on site.

  38. I haven't volunteered since school, except for small church functions-a spotty record at best.

  39. Various organizations that I just did brief stints with because that is all they required.

  40. Hospic
    Ronald McDonald House

  41. Henry Ford II High School Marching Band
    Royal Oak #464 Masonic Lodge
    Royal Oak #464 Ladies Auxillary
    Magahay Elementary School
    Eppler Junior High School
    Brownie Troop Leader

  42. As mentioned before, I am a Big Sister in the Big Sisters of RI in Newport County. I was on their council for about a year and have been a Big Sister for approximately 6 years.
    In the past --- about 1974 --- I volunteered at the local state hospital for mentally ill with a schizophrenic lady for about 6 months as a school project.
    I also volunteered for the local James H Maher Center for the mentally and physically handicapped taking a group of clients (there were about 10 of us who worked with about 20-30 clients) on recreational outings --- basketball, movies, and various sports type of activities.

  43. Habitat for Humanity
    Boy Scouts
    Creighton University service projects

  44. Abraham Lincoln High School offline

  45. I volunteered for Access to Independence, an Independent Living Center, in Madison Wisconsin.

  46. Windsor Knights Handicapped Organization
    National Honor Society
    Kearny High School Student Gov't Association
    "" ERASE Club (End Racism And Sexism Everywhere)
    "" SAVE Club (Students Against a Vanishing Earth)

  47. I've volunteered with the Everett Historical Theatre Society for shows and other fundraisers and I was a part of a big brother/sister program that helped elementary school children who were having problems with their lessons or behavior.

  48. Andre House/ Soup Kitchen
    March of Dimes
    Salvation Army
    Xmas In April/ Allstate Volunteer program

  49. Blind Students Hostel, Ahmedabad, India.
    Sangaath Cultural Activities Group, Ahmedabad, India.
    Huntsville India Association, Huntsville, Alabama.


  51. During my university years, I worked as a volunteer in a Senior Centre, in Miltenberg, Germany.


  53. Museum Of Science and Industry Civinettes

  54. I have volunteered for local Mobile, Alabama organizations such as Wilmer Hall, a home for abused children, and the local United Way.

  55. No others yet.

  56. For World Widlife Fund Malaysia as a research assistant for a Marine Park Management project.
    For the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Malaysia as a camp coordinator.


  58. offline:Palm Beach County Recreation Center & YMCA

  59. I have never volunteered for any organization, my time has been spent volunteering at my childrens schools over the years

  60. The Food Bank (offline), Tutoring Club, Student Auxiliary (school's volunteering club), Interact

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